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This 6,700 yard, mature tree-lined, 18-hole, par 73 parkland course is bordered on two sides by Whipsnade Wild Animal Park. Although some 500 feet above sea level, it is only gently undulating, making for easy walking.

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470yds PAR 5
442yds PAR 5
435yds PAR 5
At 470 yards this is the shortest par 5 on the course and offers a great opportunity for a fast start. After safely negotiating your tee shot over the pond to the corner of the dog-leg, look left for a stunning view over the Chilterns. Don’t be fooled, this hole isn’t a cake walk, out of bounds stretches the length of the hole to the left but if you’re lucky Erroll the emu will be alongside to accompany you to the Green that is protected by two greenside bunkers.
365yds PAR 4
348yds PAR 4
308yds PAR 4
A tree-lined dog-leg left par 4 that is prepared to ‘pounce’ on the errant tee shot. If conditions are favourable the longer hitter may be tempted to try reaching the green by aiming at the trees on the corner – a carry of over 230 yards. For your approach shot, don’t be fooled by the bunker short right, that tends to fore-shorten the shot. If you can hear the lions roaring, play the hole quick – Its feeding time!!
164yds PAR 3
144yds PAR 3
133yds PAR 3
This cheeky little par 3 may be small in stature but it can be deadly! An undulating green that slopes from back to front takes no prisoners and makes for an interesting downhill putt. With the new Cheetah enclosure close by and the antelopes grazing behind, the views on this hole can be spectacular.
502yds PAR 4
486yds PAR 4
432yds PAR 4
A par 5 that looks out over the wild savannahs of Africa! Out of bounds runs menacingly along the left side of the hole and, whilst the longer hitter can reach the green in two, danger is literally right next door! If the green is out of range the ideal lay up is just short of the two mounds leaving a comfortable approach shot to the green guarded by a bunker that seems to creep out of nowhere and swallow the ball.
411yds PAR 4
397yds PAR 4
360yds PAR 4
Tough par 4 that demands an accurate tee shot if you’re to get a good, clear view of the green. The longer hitter might take the Tiger line and cut the corner by aiming over the Oak tree that stands proudly on the corner of this right to left dog-leg 245 yards from the back tee. A narrow approach between two deep greenside bunkers makes this hole a true test from tee to green.
470yds PAR 5
450yds PAR 5
411yds PAR 5
A left-right dogleg, this is the third par 5 in the first six holes and at 480 yards offers another opportunity for a good score. For those looking to reach in two a long drive beyond the corner of the dog-leg is necessary in order to get a clear view of the green. Otherwise, this is a true 3-shotter with 3 bunkers lying in wait for your second and third shots.
197yds PAR 3
165yds PAR 3
155yds PAR 3
A great par 3 that invariably plays into the wind. At 200 yards from the back tee this can be a monster and although it is the only hole on the course without a bunker, it represents a stern challenge and is defended by the long, narrow green that is difficult to judge distance and some tricky mounding to negotiate for the shot that misses right.
415yds PAR 4
394yds PAR 4
359yds PAR 4
From a position nestled amongst fir trees the 8th hole opens out onto a fairway guarded by two imposing trees, situated 245 yards from the tee to the left and a well appointed fairway bunker to the right. Those daring and long enough can carry the trouble to leave a shot into a well guarded green that rewards the good approach with a straight forward putt. From its position in the heart of the course this hole is the perfect opportunity to take in the peace and tranquillity of the countryside that Whipsnade Park has to offer.
412yds PAR 4
392yds PAR 4
323yds PAR 4
Heading back towards the clubhouse the 9th hole is a slight dog-leg left that plays as one of the toughest on the course. A wide inviting fairway eases you in but the mischief confronts you for your approach shot when a vast cross bunker lies between you and the safety of the putting surface. Your decision is whether your tee shot was long enough to enable you to take on the carry and go for birdie or lay up and test your short game skills. The green itself is one of the most undulating on the course and is a good measure for players of all abilities.
390yds PAR 4
371yds PAR 4
294yds PAR 4
Setting off back into the countryside the tee shot on 10 positively inspires you to hit your Sunday best. It often plays shorter than its 390 yards and regularly offers its fair share of chances. Two well positioned bunkers either side of the fairway keeps you on your toes, as does the hour-glass green that has two more bunkers defending it. Anything short and left generally gets collected into the left hand of the two bunkers. A beautiful hole, the 10th runs alongside woodland where the majestic red kite is often seen gliding through the skies.
549yds PAR 5
532yds PAR 5
470yds PAR 5
One of the finest holes on the course, the 11th is part of Whipsnade Park’s very own Amen corner. A long dog-leg right par 5 with out of bounds running for its entirety along the right and round the back this hole ticks all the boxes. Aim towards the Silver birches for safety or if you feel daring and are long enough, take on the corner of Out of Bounds and blast the ball just to the left of the tallest tree. More often than not, even for the big hitter, this is a true 3-shot par 5 and shares its land with the local deer who are frequently seen in the area around dawn and dusk.
410yds PAR 4
391yds PAR 4
360yds PAR 4
Much like the Scorpions in the neighbouring zoo the 12th hole has a nasty sting in its tail! Regarded by many of our members as the hardest on the course with Out of bounds a constant presence to the right, a fairway that pinches in 250 yards from the tee and a slender, fiercely sloping green - other than that it’s simple! The green itself challenges you to hit it close and strike your best putt. A fantastic hole that truly examines every aspect of your game.
181yds PAR 3
164yds PAR 3
152yds PAR 3
The elevated tee offers the perfect view of the green and hazards on this testing par 3. With the green protected by a large bunker to the right and a deep pond teeming with wildlife to the left, engulfed within woodland surroundings this hole is a haven that allows you to escape the chaos of everyday life.
379yds PAR 4
365yds PAR 4
292yds PAR 4
A dog-leg right par 4 with trees on both sides the 14th hole is a stern test of your skills. The fairway narrows at the corner, 220 yards from the tee, whilst the uncompromising bushes and trees to the right demand a tee shot of over 225 yards if you are to get a clear view of the green, making this hole an intimidating opponent. The Flat green is guarded by a raised bunker to the left and out of bounds over the back. Throughout the year the sounds of the wildlife in the zoo give this hole a fantastic, if at times slightly bizarre, soundtrack.
408yds PAR 4
390yds PAR 4
332yds PAR 4
Heading slightly uphill all the way the 15th hole stands out as one of the best par 4s on the course that plays more than its 414 yards. In the summer the long grass combined with the trees makes the left a no-go area from the tee (nothing to do with the zoo this time!) whilst the three strategically placed bunkers surrounding the green do their best to ensnare your approach. From its position near the top of the Chilterns this is the perfect place to watch the gliders from the local flying club gently circling overhead taking advantage of the updrafts that add to the character of this beautiful course.
384yds PAR 4
374yds PAR 4
339yds PAR 4
A bastion for the longer hitter but with a stroke index that still gives the shorter hitter the opportunity to win, this par 4 is a fantastic matchplay hole. The 16th gently dog-legs to the right for over 200 yards and if you do decide to take the Tiger line the ideal aim is just to the left of the flag that can be seen through the trees. The two-tiered green, protected by a grand oak and three bunkers give a suitable finish to a hole that can make or break your round.
156yds PAR 3
145yds PAR 3
140yds PAR 3
The final par 3 on the course where choosing the correct club can be tricky due to a fair portion of the green being hidden from view by the gently undulating lie of the land. Don’t be fooled into thinking the wind doesn’t play its part as the trees to the left and right can often disguise the nature and direction of the breeze.
470yds PAR 5
449yds PAR 5
395yds PAR 5
The beautifully converted farm building Clubhouse stands invitingly at the end of this downhill par 5 where a pint of your favourite will be waiting for you. At 476 yards a good finish is definitely on the cards. The best line from the Men’s tee is directly towards the flag pole by the Clubhouse, which will then leave you best placed to proceed towards the green from the middle of the fairway. If you can avoid the long bushes to the left the longer hitter can reach the generous green in two and post a birdie or better on this final hole.